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People Are Talking About For Such A Time As This:

“Lisa Darden’s 'For Such a Time as This' paints an accurate picture of the spirituality that is such a vibrant part of the GLBT community. There is a definite need for the strong and poignant message this documentary delivers and it is important for everyone to realize and accept we are all God’s children.”

Billie Jean King
Sports Legend and Social Pioneer
World Tennis Team Office NYC

"For over 15 years, Lisa has had a vision of producing the film 'For Such A Time As This.' In 2006, answering a divine call, she stepped out in faith to make it become a reality. Disregarding what many would consider insurmountable obstacles, she established a timeline and proceeded to contact people she felt would be instrumental in helping make the film a success. Pushing aside practical concerns, personal risk, and sometimes her own health, she has boldly and passionately pursued her dream. Time after time, God has watched over her efforts, opened doors, and blessed her as she presses on toward the goal. With the help and support of family, friends, and the many good people who believe in the message she is conveying, this documentary will be born. Still in its prenatal stage, with labor yet to come, it is well on its way to delivery!

"May God continue to bless you, Lisa, for your faith and perserverance in moving forward to follow His leading. Your efforts will make a positive difference in our world today. You are a beautiful child of spirit and you are loved."


Rev. Deanna Jaworski praises "For Such A Time As This" (PDF, 268kb)

Rev. Deanna Jaworski
Pastor, Church of the Holy SpiritSong

"Lisa, I appreciate that you want to do a balanced presentation on this, and I will indeed be interviewed. I live near Los Angeles. I think it's very important that Christians find out how many really good gay people there are everywhere in all walks of life, at all levels, and how many of them are going to churches, no matter what the churches say against them. The gay people I know are good people in every way. And I am eager to do something positive, to reach out to gays who feel bitter and angry against us Christians. I'm sending a copy of your letter to my assistant and my publicists. And I am ready to cooperate with you."

Anne Rice
Renewed Catholic and author of Christ the Lord

"Lisa and I have been friends for almost 20 years. Her life is totally and completely dedicated to Jesus Christ. She has a unique ability to follow the Holy Spirit to direct her life. Soon after I met Lisa the Lord gave her a burden to reach out to the gay community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. About 2 years ago she began working diligently on this film 'For Such A Time As This' that had been birthed in her over 15 years ago while driving across the Golden Gate Bridge , she was crying and praying out to God about how He could possibly bridge this obvious and painful divide. His answer to her was clear...the name of her production Company, Hope Unlimited and 'For Such A Time As This' was given to her that very day.

"The basic message of this film is to present the saving Grace of Salvation through Jesus and to know what it means to have a personal relationship with Him. Lisa's enthusiasm and gift for evangelism and compassion for people has been evident from the moment I met her. She realizes that it is not our job to condemn anyone but to allow the Holy Spirit to guide us. Some Christians think they have all the answers regarding homosexuality but the message of this film is to introduce others to Jesus then allow the Holy Spirit to direct their lives by the Holy Spirit and not the traditions and opinions of others.

"I helped start the so-called ex-gay movement and was a founding member of Love in Action in 1972. I am well acquainted with both sides of being Gay and Christian. I now realize that it's not my sexual orientation that matters most but to be guided by the Holy Spirit not ones sexual orientation. Sexuality is fleeting but a relationship with God is eternal. The basic message of this film is to show both views on this issue but to help people realize Jesus knows the answers to this and all matters that divide us.

"Lisa hopes to build a bridge between both sides and allow us to realize that in Christ there is no difference between Jew, Gentile, Male or Female, black or white or even gay or straight but that we are all one in Christ Jesus.

"Christians have never agreed on all points of doctrine but we must love each other and allow the Holy Spirit to unite all of us in Christ. I believe our time is short and we as Christians must stop fighting each other and tell others of the saving Grace of Jesus Christ. The message of this film is to show that not all Christians agree on the subject of being Christian but present Jesus as Savior and allow the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth. I love you Lisa! Keep going God is using you mightily."

John Evans
Artist and co-founder of Love in Action

"I am profoundly grateful to Lisa Darden for her willingness & sacrifice to make 'For Such a Time As This.' Historically 'the church' has had its monumental walls to overcome, yet today we celebrate churches where race is not an issue, we celebrate churches where women are welcomed in ministry, we celebrate churches that finally get the point that this journey is about relationship and not religion. It is for such a time as this that the church now faces their next wall ... the wall that has shut gay and lesbian believers out for years. It is for such a time as this that true worshipers come together in spirit and truth to say ... no more walls ... only Bridges."

Todd Ferrell
The Evangelical Network

"Lisa Darden has taken the time to interview a wonderful array of people who have had ex-gay experiences and profound knowledge about homophobia in the church and the world. For too long only a few voices have been heard. Lisa's film, 'For Such a Time As This,' promises to open the way for a deeper and fuller dialogue about the ex-gay movement, identity and faith."

Peterson Toscano
Theatrical performance activist and ex-gay survivor

"Having spent my entire life within one Evangelical faith community or another, I am convinced that the majority of those Christians with that same background simply do not understand homosexuality. That some Christian leaders continue to associate homosexuality with pedophilia (which is, of course, in many cases heterosexual), wanton promiscuity, and demeaning stereotypes is a testimony against their willingness to listen to the heart and soul of a significant number of people that are loved by God and for whom he longs. The influence of these leaders continues to reinforce the antipathy of their followers toward homosexuals, who they depersonalize and condemn because they belong to a category, totally failing to engage them as individuals. On the other side of the issue, we find gays and lesbians who have become so accustomed to being slammed, denounced and rejected by Christians, that they have given up on the religion of Jesus Christ because they find its prejudice against them incapable of providing them compassion, understanding or hope. Some homosexuals are openly hostile to Christianity because of its unswerving condemnation of them without making any attempt to love or understand them. Therefore, the remarkable ability that Lisa Darden has to listen lovingly and attentively to those in the Christian community--including those who understand homosexual orientation and those who do not--and at the same time lovingly and attentively listen to those in the homosexual community who embrace Christianity and those who do not, reveals a unique sensitivity that reflects Christianity's best side. Both Ms Darden and 'For Such A Time As This' are a gift to everyone who desires to see bridges rather than barriers built between the house of faith and the millions of people who are still hoping to find their way home."

Chuck Smith, Jr.
Former Capo Calvary Chapel Pastor Chuck Smith Sr.'s Son

"I hope this piece 'For Such A Time As This' encourages us all to just see people, not gay or straight, black or white, Republican or Democrat.........Judge Not."

Kirk Talley
Christian recording Artist

"Lisa’s energy 'For Such A Time As This' is boundless. The gift she is gathering for the world is both timely and significant. I give thanks for Lisa's creative leadership and her passion for justice."

Lars Clausen
Pastor and Author of Straight into Gay America

"Lisa Darden's documentary is one of the most important and eagerly anticipated projects in the nation. She has explored every conceivable angle and adds a startling depth that surpasses other efforts I have encountered. Her knowledge of this subject matter is as impressive as the interviews she has filmed. I enthusiastically await what promises to be a show-stopping, conversation-starting production that will force people on all sides to take a fresh look at this issue and reevaluate strongly held assumptions. 'For Such a Time as This' will surely be a groundbreaking and historic moment in cinema."

Wayne Besen
Executive Director, Truth Wins Out

"I also share Lisa Darden's Christian Faith, and, I also share her vision for a film that will change the world and the church into places where there is justice and understanding for those children of God who happen not to be straight. As an advocate for those who are gay, Lesbian, bi-sexual and transgendered, I have been interviewed for her film and also listened to some of her interviews with others. She is Good! Lisa has an uncanny gift for getting those with whom she interacts to relax and really tell their truth. She has already interviewed a splendid variety of people, and I believe will bring to the editing process the same passion and prayerful dedication she has demonstrated in gathering stories. Lisa Darden does have Unlimited Hope in the eventual Triump of Justice for God's GLBT Children, but equally important for the success of the film to which she is giving her life, right now, is that her willingness to work hard, travel almost constantly, and sacrifice her own resources, seem, like her Hope and talent, to be Unlimited . She needs our love, our prayer and our support.
I wish her well."

Peggy Campolo Activist, Minister and wife of Tony Campolo

"Whether gay or not, Christian or not, it's my hope that, as they watch 'For Such a Time as This', viewers might honestly ask themselves: 'Whether or not I agree with views expressed, do I now better 'get' where these other folks are coming from? Whether or not I've really much changed my mind, will I now be less likely to stereotype and distance the others? Do I now see that the issues are both more and less complex than I thought?' If these questions are answered in the affirmative, the hard work put into this documentary will have been worthwhile, for some of the distance between 'us' and 'them' will have been traveled."

Dr. Ralph Blair
Founder of Evangelicals Concerned

"After seventeen years of Christian Ministry to the Gay Nation throughout North America, we believe we can recognize a genuine call of God on one of His servants. Such is the call to Lisa Darden. We also are able to recognize a work that is ordained and commissioned of God. Such is the upcoming film, 'For Such A Time as This.' We are convinced in our spirit that God has literally millions of Gay children throughout the world. He loves them beyond measure just as they are. It is an expression of this divine love that He has given us this life changing film, 'For Such a Time as This.' It will enrich all our lives. Thank you, Lisa."

Dennis and Evelyn Schave
Schave Ministries

"Earlier today someone asked me what does the bible mean that we are all created 'in the image and likeness of God?' So I borrowed our 4th (and best) writer, St. John's definition: 'God is Love.' If he's right, we are all created in the image and likeness of Love--then called to Love by God's son,

"Lisa Darden understands--feels, lives--this reality. She knows that in God we are one--one Family of God--all God's children. She believes that the world needs to be reminded at this time, so she has dedicated a huge hunk of her life and all her life's savings to make a documentary film, 'For Such A Time As This.' It's a reminder, a wake-up call, a prayer to Love.

"She needs your love--and help. Thank you."

Fr. Mile O’Brien Riley Catholic Priest San Francisco

"I want to recommend the cutting edge documentary 'For Such A Time As This' to everyone because its message is so very much needed in the Church and world today. The heart of God is for those who have been historically excluded from the Church and thereby from the good news message of God's love in Christ Jesus. 'For Such A Time As This' addresses the faulty reasons why gays and lesbians have been excluded from the Church and why they no longer should be. It is a message for gays and lesbians, families, churches and church leaders. I believe God will use this documentary to revolutionize the Church by opening its doors once and for all to the rejected and disenfranchised. After all, it is high time that everyone understand that they are in fact chosen and accepted."

Rev. Sandra Turnbull
Senior Pastor, Glory Tabernacle Christian Center

"My understanding of God stems from four sources; Scripture, tradition, reason and experience. And right now, while my upbringing as an evangelical Christian informs my reading of Scripture and interpretation of tradition, what I am hearing from members of the LGBT community challenges my experience intake. I am not sure what to say to someone that tells me that while I was experiencing my first pangs of attraction for the opposite sex, they were experiencing same sex attraction. I am pretty sure that quoting these folks Scriptures from Leviticus and Romans is not the answer.

"Too, my reading of the Old Testament reveals a premium placed by God upon the way that strangers and aliens were treated. I worry that our evangelical communities have committed the sins of exclusion and alienation to people who instead should be shown the embracing nature of God. A group of the best theologians I know penned a song whose critical line reads, 'We're one, but we're not the same... we get to carry each other.' I look forward to seeing Lisa Darden's work in the hopes that it can help me think through these difficult issues."

David Di Sabatino
Frisbee: The Life and Death of a Hippie Preacher, director

"I thank God for Lisa and for the vision and passion that God has given her in doing this movie. I know that God has anointed her and given her a zeal that is unsurpassed to bring the truth to all whose ears will hear and whose heart will be open to receive. The sacrifice and hard work will be all worth it as God uses this film to set the captives free. As the glory of the Lord shines through Lisa and this film it will touch the lives of many. Their testimony will be a victorious shout as they are restored by our Heavenly Father."

Senior Pastor Maria
Freedom in Christ Church, San Francisco

" I have watched this project grow since it was just a tiny seed. Anyone who has been fortunate enough to have been in touch with Lisa from the start of this incredible journey, will not be surprised at how in leaps and bounds "for such a time as this" has grown and flourished. Every weekly e-mail update told of additional highly influential and respected people of our community jumping on board in support and wanting to be involved. Is it any wonder, Once you talk to Lisa about the film you are bowled over by her excitement, conviction and passion for this project. I can't wait to see the finished product. I know that the end result will be just as exciting as watching the journey unfold has been. I know that this has been a tremendous leap of faith for all involved. Congratulations Lisa, and thank you for answering 'the call' and for telling the whole truth."

Bev Engstrom
RJN MUSIC, Manager Jason & DeMarco

"Having known Lisa Darden for the past 11 year, I cannot begin to say enough about this incredible human being. Never have I met someone so faith-filled, so driven and so very courageous. When Lisa formed her company 'Hope Unlimited' she asked me if I would take on the monstrous task of secretary of the corporation. Since this was my background I readily agreed. It has been a true inspiration working for and with her on this movie 'For Such A Time As This.' This film will speak to so very many people both gay and straight and will open many eyes and hearts as never before. As a result of working on this project, Lisa has introduced me to people I would never had had the chance to meet and has helped me in my faith journey just by listening to her when she speaks to people. I have been blessed to have her in my life and I am honored to call her my friend and daughter-in-law."

Louanne Hull
Madam Secretary, Hope Unlimited Productions

"This film is very important to me and others in my same situation. Even though I am Catholic this film will enlighten me and open my eyes to how certain Christian's believe. You personally have educated me on what my partner goes through daily and helped me understand why people think this way. Your education to me has made me want to hang in there for us and her even more then I was before. This film will open the eyes and hearts of many. You personally have helped me understand so much already with just our brief conversations. You have given me so many things to educate myself and most of all bring me closer to God. I THANK YOU for all your hard work and dedication . It has made me not judge others as they do me, so for that owe you. You are a true genuine human being and I thank God for putting you into my life."


"God is doing a new thing to gather in everyone from every nation, including the Gay Nation. 'For Such A Time As This' Documentary poignantly shows this. I believe this is the time we will experience an all inclusive in gathering into the outpouring of the Holy Spirit as prophesied and described in the Bible (Joel and Acts)...a revival which will include Gays and Lesbians, not on the fringes, but right in the middle, rising up as leaders. We are already in gear, and will continue prophesying, preaching, teaching, winning souls, leading worship, writing God music, bringing good to our world and living fruitful lives...all giving glory to Jesus."

Rich Cook
Music Minister, Glory Tabernacle Long Beach

"I've seen enough half-finished projects in my life, so when Lisa Darden told me about her vision to take a fresh hard look at the schism between the Church and the gay community, I googled her. I was impressed by her background, training where other great female directors like Anne Bancroft and Joanne Woodward did, but nothing online prepared me for the energy of this woman in person. What will impress you most is the fearlessness with which she has followed every part of this story to it's intertwined ends. Having begun with no agenda other than to let God tell the story, she will find a way to weave your heart into the fray as well."

Marsha Stevens-Pino
Singer/SongWriter, BALM MINISTRIES
Author of “For Those Tears I Died”

"Lisa's Darden's strength is simultaneously garnering interviews with people from 'both sides of the coin' of understanding and beliefs regarding gay people. This interesting mix provides the foundation for intertwining this documentary, 'For Such a Time as This,' and will provide an unparalled moment in history to bridge the divide. –passionate stories into the compelling truth that needs tø be told."

Dotti Berry & Robynne Sapp

"Since I am gay I am frequently pushed away from different social communities. Although while I was growing up I was taught that God always loved me and loves everyone. But now that I’ve told people that I’m gay, there is another community that tries to separate me. It’s who I’ve always been, the difference is now I’ve told someone who I am. This film should help bridge the gap of Christianity and the LGBT communities and help other people identify with others to make their lives easier."

"Lisa Darden's documentary is unique and timely, and will be of considerable interest to those working through the issue of Christianity and homosexuality--for decades to come. Her passion for the subject matter is evident, and challenges a viewer both emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually.

"The history of Christian ministries focused on homosexuality will for the first time be accurately presented. So much confusion has surrounded the issues that it has been virtually impossible to get a clear picture of actual events. Those who had figured prominently in those formative years, in contrast to second hand commentators, speak their minds. The film is historical itself."

Kent Philpott
Pastor Miller Avenue Baptist Church Mill Valley California
Founder of Love in Action 1972, Author of the Third Sex 1975

"Lisa Darden is a remarkable Christian filmmaker who has been working diligently to present an insight into the gay Christian controversy as objectively as possible. Trekking across the United States with a video camera, Lisa has gathered the heartfelt opinions of a multitude of sincere Christian believers with diverse opinions on this issue.

"Having been interviewed by her myself, I know that she is trying to capture the full sweep of this controversial issue with fairness and compassion to both sides. At this time, Lisa is editing hundreds of hours of video to capture the point/counter-point that is at the center of the national debate about gay and lesbian Christians regarding their faith and how (and whether) they fit into the church. Her material reveals that this is not simply a cognitive exercise or mental debate for those interviewed, it touches the very core of conviction for thousands who are sincerely struggling with this question and its ramifications.

"Committed to fairness and employing a technical and spiritual gift with a video camera, Lisa is producing a film entitled 'For Such a Time as This' which is, I know for certain, a plea for integrity, exploration, vision and, above all, openness to the will of God as we all deal with a vital but sometimes divisive, even explosive, issue. I commend your prayers and support for Lisa as she undertakes to finish the genuinely massive task of compiling hundreds of hours of tape into a fluid piece that will be a vivid mouthpiece for the Holy Spirit in our time. We need to support her endeavor!"

Nick Warner, Ph.D.
Pastor of Desert Oasis Chapel, Palm Springs CA

"This truly is the time - the time to proclaim God's all-inclusive Love and all-encompassing Grace. Lisa has a heart and a passion to share God's message of love. She is doing an amazing job of seeking and interviewing people all across the spectrum of Christian life. Watching the film, and hearing the people describe their experiences, good and bad, is sure to provide viewers with a new perspective on the church and its LGBT believers."

Shauna McFadden
Laguna Beach CA music minister

" I met Lisa in the summer of 2006, a woman with a purpose and focus centered on touching the world with an impact of understanding for all cultures, religions and sexual orientations. The passion that she showed in her work was one of total commitment and sacrifice as needed, whether that was using her own funds or any that would be so graciously given to her.

"I support Lisa Darden in this venture of wanting to touch the world in a cause that we commonly share will break down barriers between many cultures, religions, and sexual orientations. Lisa has put many hours of time and effort into this project and done so with a gracious heart and a vision that she knows with out a shadow of a doubt that it is to be completed and God will make the avenue to accomplish such an endeavor.

"I am honored to be a part of her support team and would recommend that anyone who comes across her path jump on board for an incredible experience and receive the blessing that is waiting for you through this timely and much needed project."

Tandy Bowman
Founder of Servant Hearts

"As a lesbian in the year 2007 I find that the world is becoming a much more friendly place for me and those in the GLBT community. We are gaining acceptance and love in the secular world. The mind set of most people I come in contact with is live and let live. That if you have a problem with homosexuals then that's your problem, not the homosexuals. We are gaining ground in the political world and the reality of same sex marriage and equal rights is just around the corner. But it seems that that the Christian world is our last hurdle. 'For Such a Time as This' (FSATAT) is not only timely, but essential for the realization of 'normalcy' for those in the GLBT community.

"Within all of us is a need to belong, a need for acceptance, a need to know that we are approved by man. There is a need to know who we are, where we come from, what is our role in this world. We can't do this without knowing our Creator. Unfortunately we have been indoctrinated into believing that if we are gay, we cannot know God. Christ's command to the early church and to us is to love God, love your neighbor as yourself. How can we love our neighbor if we are told by the church to 'hate the sin, love the sinner'? How can you 'hate' who you are, who you were created to be, and have a healthy relationship with God, and be able to love your neighbor when you loathe yourself?

FSATAT not only points out that there is a place for us in the family of God. but invites us to join it. FSATAT fairly gives both sides a forum. This is not an us against them, we are right they are wrong film. But this is a how can we fulfill Christ's command to us. Love one another. FSATAT is a much needed bridge to open intelligent conversation between ALL God's kids."

Tina Rogers
Activist, Former Minister’s Wife and Out Lesbian, Bend, Oregon

" Lisa's film is truly powerful and greatly needed for gay and lesbian's who profess their faith in Christ. Truly the message is one of God's love, hope, and grace for those who love Him. Having spent some time with this film in speaking of God's truth and sharing my own story as an Ex-Southern Baptist minister and seminary professor who came out of the closet in a full page story that went around the world in two hours. It has been my pleasure and honor to be a part of this story, which has been a life-time dream and no doubt will make headlines news when it is released. I am honored to be a part of this film that will help make this a better world for all of God's children who come from all walks of life. I’m proud to call Lisa my friend and fellow sojourner on this path in justice, peace and love."

Dr. Rev. Jerry Stephenson

"Billy Graham writes ~ of the strength and conviction of Jesus Christ to stand strong and securely and that we like Him need to follow His example and not be overcome/contaminated by fear of our Christian convictions. 'Fear makes us unwilling to give voice to our convictions or to listen to those of others - fear of rejection, fear our beliefs will be attacked, fear our faith might be shaken.' Rev. Graham reminds us never lose confidence in the Gospel! And like Jesus ~ may we always be 'speaking the truth in love.'

"It is long over due for every human being ~ gay, straight, and those oppressed by sexual labeling, labels of gender, color, disability, social prejudice, ethniticity or religious belief to stand firm in the conviction that God created us ALL equal. Lisa is standing strong in her convictions, she is listening, overcoming great fear, scaling oppressive challenges that she has met at every turn and yet reamins unshaken in her faith in order to bring and deliver the message of human sameness, compassion and love to a global audience, in her documentary 'For Such A Time As This.'

"I would encourage each and every person to look 'within' at how they individually, might effectively bring about change while standing strong in order to make a difference in this new realm, that is a basic human/civil right. Please contact Lisa Darden today, at Hope Unlimited Productions to find out how your gifts, talents and resources might be of help to her in completing this compelling and vitally important documentary."

Cathy Perry
LGBT Christian Activist/Event Consultant

"We are excited for your film 'For Such A Time As This' to be released, We believe it will build a bridge between the Christian community as we know it and those of us who have been considered 'outcasts' to show the love and acceptance of Jesus Christ for all people."

Becky and Terri
Glory Tabernacle Long Beach

"In a time when religion is serving to divide people instead of unite them, Lisa Darden's film 'For Such a Time as This' is seeking to be a bridge between those who have reconciled their spirituality and sexuality and those who still seek to 'cure' gays and lesbians and those who have done neither and the church at large. This is important work that tells both sides of the greatest story of our time and seeks to find the common ground beneath the cross where we can all meet as one in Christ. I am humbled to part of the endeavor and I trust that God will bless this great work."

Candace Chellew-Hodge
Founder/Editor, Whosoever Magazine at