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"For Such a Time As This" Interview, Materials and Contribution List

Production is underway, with interviews and music being contributed by John Evans, Kent Philpott, Frank and Anita Worthen, Micheal Bussey, Jacob Reitan and the Equality Riders, Tony & Peggy Campolo, Focus on the Family Magazine’s Wendy Cloyd, actor George Tekai, author Anne Rice, Evangelist Billy and Franklin Graham, Linda Randal from the Gaithers show, The Newsboys, Farewell June, Dennis Agajanian, Tommy Coomes Band, Paul Over Street, Joy Williams, Isreal Houghton, Talk Show Host and motivational Speaker Lisa Durden, Rev. Irene Monroe, Wayne Besen author of Anything but Straight, Dr. Jerry Stephenson, Davyd Dixon, Actor Robert Scott Denney, Actress Becca Ayers, Historian and Stonewall tour guide in NYC, In the street interviews NYC, Comedian Kate Clinton, The Evangelical Network’s Todd Farrell, GCN .net’s Justin Lee, Pastor Randy Morgan, Dr. Joseph Pearson, Queen Elizabeth Storbo, Rev. Linda Harris, Pastor Randy McCain, Janice Le Count, John Lanier, Kevin Rushing, Pastor Maria and San Francisco’s Freedom in Christ Church,’s Candace and Wanda Chellew Hodge, Truth Wins Out, P-Flag mom Susan Stankas, Lance Carroll, Scott Melendez, Nicholas Cavnar, Mark Perriello, Tammy Faye Messner, Jim and Lori Bakker, Tammy Sue Bakker, Jay Bakker, Soul Force’s Mel White, Jeff Lutes, Judy Shepherd, Chad Allen, Broadway star Billy Porter, Robyn Murphy, Focus on the Family’s Love Won Out and Exodus’ John and Anne Paulk, Mike Haley, Melissa Fryrear, Randy Thomas, Bill Maier, Nancy Heche, Joe Dallas, Joseph Nicolosi , Dr. James Dobson, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Pastor Joel Osteen, D James Kennedy, Concerned Women of America’s Robert Knight, Love in Action’s John Smid, Hope for the Hearts June Hunt, Melissa Coffey, Dr. Julie Herren, Kristin Johnson, Peter Labarbera, Stephen Bennett, Exodus’ Alan Chambers, Sy Rogers, Dr. Ken Hutcherson, Clay and Renee Cross, Micheal Goeke, Robert Throckmorten, Robert Gagnon, Evangelicals Concerned, Dr. Ralph Blair, Dr. Nick Warner, Ann Philips, Cynthia Clawson, Marsha Stevens, Bill Gaither, Evelyn and Dennis Schave, Theologian Jack Rogers, DE Paulk, Father Guy Gurath, Father Miles O’Brien Riley, Father Clemens, Dr. Martin Blinder. A rep from the spiritual counterfeits project. The Church of the Holy Spirit Song’s Deanna and Jill Jaworski, Evangelist Roberts Liardon, Gospel Revolution Mike Williams, Kirk Talley, Performance Artist Jeffery Barnes, Performance artist Peterson Toscano, Suzanne Moe and Gaye Adegbalola, From the Documentary “Love in the Face of Hate Barbara and Tibby.

We have just invited Bishop Gene Robinson, Rev. Jo Hudson, The Cathedral of Hope in Dallas who have accepted, Melissa Etheridge, Rosie and Ellen, Lily Tomlin, The Indigo girls, and Oprah are in the works hoping to get confirmations soon.