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Updated Schedule

Hi everyone. 

Billie Jean King is going to be interviewed for the Documentary "For Such A time As This." She has a strong faith background and who does not know Billie Jean's story? Hope Unlimited Productions is pleased to announce that she will be interviewed for the film. It is an honor to have her with us. Special thanks to Emily Morgan for helping to coordinate.

I spent this weekend with Pastor Randy McCain and company at The Open Door Church in Little Rock Ark. for their 10th anniversary. It was an incredible event and I know we all left that place changed for the better. Randy is working on a book called "And God Save Judy Garland" being edited by Peggy Campolo who also attended this weekend. If your looking for a church where everyone is welcome with unconditional love ....make a trip to Open Door it will change your life!

I will be in San Francisco filming the 15th anniversary of Freedom in Christ this weekend Oct. 20-22 with Pastor Maria, Todd Farrell and speakers Janice LaCount and Linda Harris.We will also go to Glide memorial in San Francisco. I will be in NYC on Monday with Ralph Blair of Evangelicals Concerned and on Tuesday with Kate Clinton and then Tony and Peggy Campolo. It should be a great long weekend of filming.

I will be in Palm Springs Nov 4th weekend with Claire Jordan Grant at a GLADD fundraiser where she will introduce me and the film project. Followed by a visit on Nov 5th to the Glory Tabernacle with Rev. Sandy Turnbull and Rich Cook. I am really looking forward to these events.

I will be back in Palm Springs Nov 11th the following weekend filming @ Nick Warners and The Desert Oasis Chapels special event called Love Breaks Out and potentially having a fundraiser for the film FSATAT organized by Claire Jordan Grant on Sunday  Nov. 12th at up and coming Mayor Ginny Foats home. Stay tuned on that as I will send updates and official invitations via email. Working on a teaser/trailer with some footage to view as we speak. We will have it on the web site before November events.

I will be in Ft Lauderdale at The Church of the Holy Spirit Song on Nov 19th filming with Pastor Deanna Jaworski, Deanna will sing the opening song for the film FSATAT. She is an amazing woman with some very special gifts. I will also film Mike L. Williams, Dr. Rev. Jerry Stephenson and Roberts Liardon that weekend as well.

December 3rd we will be back in Little Rock @ Open Door and hope to film Jay Bakker evangelist to the OUTCASTS.  Jay's documentary and the World Premiere of the first two episodes of the WOW doc "One Punk, Under God" is Wednesday, October 18, at 7PM at the Museum of Television & Radio, 25 West 52 Street, New York NY 10019. 212 621-6800.

I am waiting to hear from Anne Rice to schedule our official interview. Great things are happening... keep praying!

I hope you all are blessed ! God knows you've all blessed me!