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From the Director: Lisa's Updates on "For Such A Time As This"

Lisa Darden featured in article here: Building a Bridge for Such a Time as This, PDF 57k

Whosoever Godcast features Lisa Darden and "For Such A Time As This" - Download here!

Is reconciliation between Evangelical Christians and the Gay community possible?  Can common ground be found in the intense culture wars that have consumed our nation?  Our documentary film entitled, "For Such A Time As This," seeks to answer these burning questions.

Central to evangelical efforts to reach out to the Gay community are ex-gay ministries that encourage people to pray and help them not be gay.  For Such A Time As This explores the issue by interviewing key players from both sides of the growing divide. This film offers a compelling and comprehensive inside-view and illuminates the issue as never before. We aim to turn ignorance into understanding and transform prejudice into promise.

"The film’s goal is to build a bridge and offer hope for all. This much needed film will show that the Love of God can penetrate even the hardest of hearts and provide the catalyst that will cause all the walls to come tumbling down." - Lisa Darden

If you believe that the Love of God is available to everyone and that the ground at the foot of the Cross is level than this is a project that you will be able to wholeheartedly endorse.
Post-Production is underway, with interviews and comments having already been contributed by nationally known actors, theologians, ministers, authors, comedians and professionals from all walks of life.

A major fund raising effort is underway for completion funds for the film and the 2 CD Soundtrack that will accompany the documentary. Please help us bring this much needed and anticipated Documentary film to fruition and please encourage others to help.

Please go to and donate or mail your support to Hope Unlimited Productions 2141 Brecken Dell Ct. Frederick MD 21702

We hope you will join us on this historical and spiritual journey. Please support “For Such A Time As This” 

Thank you!

For Such a Time As This
Featuring interviews and
footage from the following:

Billy and Franklin Graham Metro Maryland Festival 2006 

Kay Warren
from Saddleback Church “Nightline” Interview

Billie Jean King, Tennis Champion and Pioneer

Kate Clinton, Comedian
Judy Gold, Comedian

Margaret Cho, Comedian

Lea DeLaria, Actress/Singer

Alan Chambers, Exodus President

Melissa Fryrear, Focus on The Family

John Smid, Love in Action

Nancy Heche, Love Won Out

Joe Dallas, Love Won Out

Frank & Anita Worthen, co-founder of Love in Action

John & Anne Paulk formerly of Focus on the Family and Love Won Out

Kent Philpott, co-founder of Love in Action

June Hunt, Hope for The Heart

Robert Knight, Concerned Women of America

Sy Rogers, Exodus

Dr. Warren Throckmorton, Assoc. Prof. of Psychology Grove City College

Robert Gagnon, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Joseph Nicolosi, NARTH

Tom Minnery, Focus on the Family

Dr. Ken ‘Hutch’ Hutcherson, Pastor and former NFL football player

Speaker Bill Maier, Focus on the Family

Randy Thomas, Love Won Out

Kristin Johnson, One by One

Chad Thompson, Author & Speaker

Dr. Julie Herren, Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor

Wayne Jacobsen, Bridge Builders

David Di Sabatino, Filmmaker and Emmy Nominee for “Frisbee”

Tony and Peggy Campolo, Evangelist and Speakers

Dennis and Evelyn Shave, Evangelists and speakers

Jay Bakker, Speaker and Revolution Church Founder

Jim Bakker, Christian Television Pioneer

Chip Davis, Singer-Songwriter

Marsha Stevens-Pino, Mother of Contemporary Christian music

Ray Boltz, Contemporary Award Winning Christian Music Artist

Joe Hogue, HITPLAY Music Producer and CCM Music Producer and artist

Azaria Southworth, Host of former TBN TV show The ReMix

Rich Cook, Musical director and artist

Wayne Besen, author of 'Anything but Straight'

Daryl Herrschaft, The Human Right’s Campaign

Ann Craig, GLAAD

Cynthia Clawson, Grammy and Dove Award Winner Christian Recording Artist

Chuck Smith Jr., Calvary Chapel

Tommy Coomes, Christian recording artist

Troy Perry and Cindy Love, MCC

Harry Knox, Human Rights Campaign

Rev. Irene Monroe, Harvard writer, speaker and Theologian

Rev. Mel White, Soul Force founder, author, speaker

Jeff Lutes, Soul Force director

Judy Shepard, Speaker, and Matthew Shepard Foundation Founder

Marylou and Bob Wallner, Speakers and Activists

Anthony Venn-Brown, Author, Evangelist, Activist

George Takei, Actor.Activist

Chad Allen, Actor/Activist

Soul Force Equality Riders 

Rev. Yvette Flunders, City of Refuge San Francisco

Dr. Renee Richards, formerly Richard Raskin,

The Reverend Cecil Williams and Janet Mirikitani, Glide Memorial Church

Jill Knight, Recording artist

Lisa Durden Talk Show host and filmmaker

Jason & DeMarco, Christian Recording Artists

R.J Helton, Christian recording Artist and American Idol finalist

Kirk Talley, Christian Recording artist

Levi Kreis, Actor & recording artist

Jack Rogers, Theologian

Michael Bussee, co-Founder of Exodus, former ex-gay

John Evans, co-founder of Love in Action, former ex-gay

Billy Porter, Broadway star

Melange Lavonne, Singer/Actress

Del Shores, Playwright/screenwriter of 'Southern Baptist Sissies' and 'Sordid Lives'.

Leslie Jordan, aka "Beverly Leslie" from 'Will & Grace'.

Dr. Ralph Blair, founder of Evangelicals Concerned

Dr. Martin Blinder, Forensic Psychiatrist, author and screenwriter

Dr. Robert Spitzer, The American Psychological Association

Professor Carol Gilligan - NYU Professor and author

Dr. Kyle Pruitt, Yale University author and child psychologist

Todd Ferrell, President of The Evangelical Network, T-E-N

Justin Lee, founder of Gay Christian Network, GCN

Pastor Randy McCain, Open Door Community Church

Pastor Sandy Turnbull, Glory Tabernacle, Long Beach, California

Dony McGuire, Singer-Songwriter, Pastor of The River at Music City, Nashville

Pastor Deanna Jaworski, Church of the Holy SpiritSong

Rev. Jo Hudson and Michael Piazza from The Cathedral of Hope

Rev. Mike L. Williams- Gospel Revolution

Mayor Jerry Sanders - San Diego, CA

Rev./Dr. Jerry Stephenson, Author and speaker

Jeffery Barnes, Performance artist

Lars Clausen, Author of  'Straight into Gay America'

Dottie Berry, Robynne Sapp and Rylee Joy, Two Women and a poodle

Peterson Toscano, performance artist

Worthy Meecham aka Mama, drag-queen, actor-actress & Christian speaker

Christine Bakke from Beyond Ex-Gay

Ann Philips, formerly of Exodus

Dr. Nick Warner of Evangelicals Concerned

Claire Jordan Grant

Mayor Ron Oden, Former Palm Springs Mayor

Micha Qualls and Kyle Semmes, Singers

Ling Lam, M.A., M.S., Life and Relationship Coach

Candace Chellew-Hodge,

Becca Ayers, Broadway Actress and Scott Denny, Actor

China in NYC

Pastor Maria Caruana

David Medina

Steven Rosa and Pastor Janice LaCount

Pastor Randy Houston

Dr. Joseph Pearson

Lester and Barbara Leavitt, Mormon speakers, former ex-gay and his former wife

Television clips from the N-Network and the Tom Lynch series 'South of Nowhere'

Dear Friends,

As this Holiday season approaches we offer you our sincere thanks for your prayers, help and support.   This has been a miraculous year for us at Hope Unlimited Productions we have accomplished so much and our greatly anticipated documentary, "For Such A Time As This" , is nearing completion.  We have finished the principal filming, selected the songs and other music and the writing of the script is in its final edits.

We are currently in contract negotiations with the wonderful performers and songwriters and their representatives whose work we seek to use in our film.  While most representatives have been kind and generous, several currently require agency-only relationships that limit our
ability to use the music of choice.  Please pray with us for God's guidance.

It is quite an experience putting a film together.  It requires the cooperation and good will of scores of talented people and the prayers and support of friends like you!

As we move into the final tasks of the film editing, sound editing, synchronizing of the film and sound, titles, master prep and lock, plus the voluminous attendant reporting required by all the music, film and copyright agencies, we are in need of completion funds.

Please give, help us finish the work, and please pray for God's guidance as we complete this amazing project so that all of our voices may be heard. If you have ever thought that you would like to help change the world then this is an excellent opportunity for you to do so.

To make a Donation, please click here and make a monthly or a one time donation.

If you are not comfortable donating on line please mail your check to Hope Unlimited Productions at P.O. Box 1440, Frederick, MD 21702 or call 301-682-7858 and we can take your credit card over the phone and mail you a receipt for your generous donation.

We truly appreciate anything you can do to help us.  Know that you will be included in the films credits for your donation.

Please do not hesitate, the time is at hand as we have all been called, “For Such A Time As This”.

We Pray For God’s Blessings For All of You! Have a blessed holiday season.

Lisa Darden
Hope Unlimited Productions, Inc.
P.O. Box 1440, Frederick, MD 21702

Hope Unlimited Productions to meet with Lionsgate in early July.

"For Such A Time As This" and Lisa Darden to be featured as 1 of 4 films/filmmakers at "Beyond Ex-Gay" in Irvine California June 29-July 1st. Please visit to find out more about this very special event.

As The heavens begin to open and a new day dawns for many people who have been left out, left behind or gotten lost along the way....There is Hope! Hope that is Unlimited and available to all of God's creation. We hope today you will stand up and be counted and know without any doubt that you are loved by God!

The new film poster of FSATAT is ready and can be seen here soon. Many thanks to Steve Whitehead from COHSS in Ft. Lauderdale. Thank you Steve ! It looks fantastic! We will be selling Film Posters and Hope Unlimited Productions and FSATAT items soon on the site. Stay tuned for the HUP store site.

After the film has made its way through the film festivals we will have DVDs and the much anticipated sound track available. It will be available on the web site and we pray throughout the world at many locations in 2010.

We have a new feature on the Hope Unlimited Productions website is the DONATE Button. We encourage you to help us finish the film and get this project out to the world where it belongs.

We need your help and ask that you pray about a one time donation. Please help us see this vision through to completion. Every donation counts and you will be given a credit in the film for your generous contribution.

We will accept Visa, MC and American Express here or you can mail a check to P.O. Box 1440, Frederick, MD 21702 or you can call and we will accept your donation over the phone and process it that way if you are not comfortable donating on the web; the number is 301-682-7858. We can also accept Discover by phone.

Thank you so much for your love, prayers and constant encouragement and I look forward to a day when we can learn to treat one another with dignity, love and respect at all times and in all places. God is no respecter of persons and in Christ we are neither, Jew nor gentile, black or white, slave nor free, gay or straight, we are all one in Christ Jesus.

10/18/06   Billie Jean King, Kate Clinton, Jason and Demarco, Jay Bakker, Rev Jo Hudson of the Cathedral of Hope

Billie Jean King is going to be interviewed for the Documentary "For Such A time As This." She has a strong faith background and who does not know Billie Jean's story? MORE

10/09/06  Appearance in Florida

This is the ad (Press Release) that will be placed in Ft. Lauderdale for the up coming filming at the Church of the Holy Spirit Song on Nov 19th "For Such A Time as This." I think it turned out great! Love, Lisa

9/26/06   Related press - California

Hi everybody!
These articles are about the upcoming event in Palm Springs, CA Nov 11th 2006 with pastor and organizer Dr. Nick Warner with Evangelicals Concerned and company called 'Love Breaks Out'~Great stuff! All of the people speaking are being featured in the Hope Unlimited Productions Documentary "For Such A Time As This" ...hoping to coordinate a fundraiser for the film in conjunction with this event with 'dynamic duo' Nick and Claire Jordan Grant. It's going to be very special!
Kudos to Nick and everyone pulling it together! We will be there.. hope you will be too! Love, Lisa

9/17/06 Powerful event footage

I have incredible footage and have decided that after the film is finished to complete a series in an effort to continue our work and get all of these amazing stories out there. I’ve gone from filmmaker to historian in less than a year. We have quite an archive.
I will interview Kate Clinton on Tuesday in NYC this week. Then will be with Michael Bussee, the mayor of Palm Springs Ron Oden, Nick Warner and Claire Jordan Grant next weekend and again in November at Nick's rally. Evelyn Shave in Houston is scheduled at the end of this month. I'm hoping Billy Jean King may be filmed next month. Deanna Jaworski and Jill, along with the Church of the Holy Spirit Song are scheduled Nov. 19th. The Mel White, Jeff Lutes, Chad Allan, Dottie Berry, Robbie Sapp, Lars Clausen, and Judy Shepherd footage from the Colorado Springs event is going to blow people away. The a capella duet with Cynthia Clawson and Marsha Stevens at EC in Portland is incredible. The Equality Riders filmed in VA Beach will make people cry and hopefully help wake them up. I've got some great stuff with Justin Lee from GCN ,Wayne Besen and many others. We'll be here all day if I tell you about all the amazing footage we have shot. This is just the tip of the iceberg!

7/14/06 Interview, Materials and Contribution List

Production is underway, with interviews and music being contributed by John Evans, Kent Philpott, Frank and Anita Worthen, Michael Bussee, Jacob Reitan and the Equality Riders, Tony & Peggy Campolo, Focus on the Family Magazine’s Wendy Cloyd, actor George Tekai, author Anne Rice, Evangelist Billy and Franklin Graham....MORE

6/13/06 Same-gender Families and Friends to March 65 Miles from Colorado State Capitol to James Dobson's Focus on the Family - Arrive July 22, 2006

Hi everyone,

I will be in Colorado on July 22nd with Jeff Lutes, Mel White, Chad Allen, Billy Porter and Judy Shepherd and many wonderful, loving families who want to get their message out. If you can be there ...start making your plans. If not keep this in your prayers. With Gratitude, blessings and peace!

6/2/06 Early confirmed interviews

We've got Stephen Bennett from Strait Talk Radio. Mel White, Matthew Shepherd's mom, Judy, Kate Clinton, Jerry Falwell, Jim Bakker, Jay Bakker, Marcia Steven, Peggy and Tony Campolo, Billy Porter (Broadway Star) and Chad Allen just to name a few who have recently signed on. CRAZY!!! Keep praying...